Friday, 25 September 2015

Cafe-style breakfasts at home

We all love going out and enjoying a good breakfast on the weekend. However, how many of us really want to change out of our slippers and put on "presentable" clothes for breakfast every Saturday and Sunday?

Here's some of my favourite breakfasts that will have you enjoying cafe-style breakfast while still in your PJs (you're welcome!)

PB and J pancakes

We all love peanut butter and jam on toast (it can't just be me?!). So why not enjoy that gooey-sweet goodness on a pancake! And no, I don't just mean spread it on top. This recipe takes it to another level! Peanut butter pancakes with an easy strawberry sauce.

If pancakes are on your mind but you're not in a PB and J mood, check out my article "Four easy ways to jazz up the simple pancake" for other ideas.

Two egg omelette (dairy-free)

If you think all omelettes are heavy and mostly cream, I urge you to try this two egg omelette recipe from my Grandma. It is super fluffy and turns out perfect every time. Make it your own by adding whatever ingredients you fancy. If you are lost for ideas in the morning fog that is your head around breakfast, here's some that I like:

  • Grilled red onion (diced and fried until they are golden) and cheddar cheese - the more mature the better!
  • Ham, cheese and pineapple (yes, pineapple ... try it before you say no!)
  • Bacon, fetta and chives.
  • Three cheese: Cheddar, parmesan and fetta.

The ultimate breakfast wrap

Trust me, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Grab some wraps, fry up some bacon, sausages and eggs, and add these yummy home-made hash browns. Top it all with some BBQ sauce or tomato relish and you are good to go. It's the addition of the hash browns that make it amazing.

Cheesy french toast with cheats tomato relish

This is a regular in our house, with Mr Steph requesting it at least every second week. The french toast is topped with cheese while cooking, and the tomato relish is the laziest relish you'll ever find.


Steph xo

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