Saturday, 4 May 2013

Two egg omelette

Two egg omelette
Is there anything better than a fluffy omelette for breakfast?

I've had a lot of omelettes over the years, but usually they are made with cream and are quite heavy. My lovely Grandma taught me this recipe - and it's also dairy free!

Like most omelettes, you can make it with anything you like - a simple bacon, cheese and chives, or corn, tomato and sausage. Myself, and I know this might not be everyone's cup of tea - I love mine with a little bit of pineapple. Simply pick what you would like, that way you are sure to enjoy it!

Two egg omelette

Your choice of filling.
Two egg omelette filling
For me I used bacon, cherry tomatoes (halved), pineapple pieces, red onion and a little bit of cheese. Keep in mind that you only want a little bit of everything because you don't want the omelette to be just filling (a mistake I have made many a time because I get too zealous with ingredients!)

2 eggs
parsley or thyme
pepper to taste
A quarter of a slice of bread (I'll explain later)
Cheese to top (leave out for completely dairy free)

Separate both eggs, adding the yolks to the bowl with your filling ingredients and the whites into a separate bowl by themselves. Add a little sprinkle of parsley or thyme and some pepper to the filling bowl and mix the yolks through. Finally tare the bread into smallish pieces and add them to the filling bowl. This helps hold the omelette together.

Whisk the egg whites until they start to become fluffy, glossy and white. You don't want to see any of the clear colour of the whites left - this is what makes this omelette so fluffy! Gently fold the egg whites through the egg yolks and filling ingredients.

Heat a little oil in a small pan over a low heat. Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook until you can see the sides of the omelette cooked, then gently fold in half and top with cheese and a little bit more herbs.

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  1. This is such a smart recipe! It seems so light and delicious. I like that it only uses two eggs, versus the huge number I usually see for omelette recipes. And I love the bread trick! You learn something new every day. :)

    1. Thanks Valentina :-) You can thank my lovely Grandma for this recipe. I love how her mind thinks how to stretch what you have as much as possible!

      My Mum has adapted this further for my family - multiplying the above enough to fill an electric large pan. She then uses the egg flip to divide it into one section per person and flips it, serving it on toast. And there was seven of us!