Friday, 9 August 2013

Breakfast at Hotel Windsor

Breakfast at The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne - Stephs Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago Mr Steph and I got to enjoy the perfect start to a Sunday with a lovely breakfast for two at the Hotel Windsor.

We rose bright and early 7am (early for a Sunday!), and quickly dressed in the very smart casual that our booking required. To be on the safe side  I wore my go-to black dress with stockings and heels; Mr Steph in a smashing blue business shirt and suit pants. We drove into the heart of Melbourne's CBD before stepping into the Hotel Windsor, where we were transported into another era - with it's gorgeous chandeliers and leather couches that you could just imagine a man in a cigar reclining on. The bell-boys were all suited in tails, and soft music danced through the 
I started out with a pot of Earl Grey tea -
as a breakfast isn't a breakfast without one!
air as though we had gone back in time.

As we had an early reservation the dining area was very quiet, and I almost felt like I was ruining the atmosphere talking normally to Mr Steph. So I whispered as I looked over the menu and looked around the room - with silver set on every table, and thick pattered drapes on every window. No longer were we reminded that we were in the busy city, which we knew all to well as we both work in there. It was so very peaceful and relaxing.

My lovely sister had organised a voucher for us as a birthday present last year, and I was so happy that I was finally being able to experience what she'd booked for me. It wasn't that there is a long wait to get in, I just kept forgetting that I had it! As part of the gift we were able to have the buffet as well as a meal from the a la carte menu and tea and coffee.

The buffet included an arrange of pastries and toasts, as well as cereals and fruits. I have quite the soft spot for pastries, as you well know, so my sister will be very pleased that I indulged in the "bread" area of the buffet quite a lot. As I cannot say no to a simple bacon and eggs, I had the Windsor Breakfast - with eggs, bacon, tomato and mushrooms. Mr Steph had French toast. He was very happy with it also came out with hazelnut marscarpone - almost tasted like nutella!

The Windsor Breakfast and French Toast - Steph's Kitchen

Slowly more and more people made their way in, mostly guests from what we could gather. There were the older couples that didn't really say a word to each other over their coffee and croissants, a group of all senior couples who were just having a splendid time chatting away, and also families who walked around as though it was a McDonalds for breakfast; we concluded they must be "regulars" and we wondered what they must do for a living.

It was times like this morning I was very thankful that Mr Steph isn't the usual "Aussie" as other younger people came in. I almost grinned to myself thinking compared to them we could pull off being a guest and this being the "norm" as they turned up in jeans and they almost turned it into a cafĂ© down the street - and there Mr Steph was in a neatly pressed business shirt and cuff-links, politely eating away with his great manners. From their table we could hear lots of loud laughter and the word "mate" uttered more than a dozen times; before this the dining room seemed sophisticated.

Very full we decided we should probably go - but not before we took a wander through the foyer to look at the beautiful old paintings on the wall and quietly enjoy the morning.

A big thank you to my little sister Veronica and her boyfriend for organising this for us. It was a lovely day! It is something that I did recommend if you are in Melbourne, as it is a lovely experience.

Steph xo

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