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Wind back Wednesday: Creative Wednesdays, store bought me, butterflied chicken, chocolate mousse

Wind back Wednesday - Steph's Kitchen

Cranberry and Almond Cookies - Steph's Kitchen  Blog: Pink Recipe Box's Creative Wednesday

The lovely Nicky at Pink Recipe Box holds a Creative Wednesday link party every week on her blog. Here people can share their latest blog post - whatever the topic!
I love Pink Recipe Box in general (yes, I am subscribed!), but I just love this great idea that she has come up with. So I thought I'd check it out last week - and my post was featured this week as one of the most popular shared! (yay!)
The post I shared for last week's Creative Wednesday: Cranberry and Almond Cookies
Visit Pink Recipe Box's page to check out this week's links.



Article: Accepting store bought me

I am a busy cook, living a very busy life. And yes, sometimes that does mean that I buy things that can make my life a little bit easier. In this article I talk about accepting that it's ok to buy store bought things and that doesn't make us bad cooks! It just makes us busy.

Read the full article here: Accepting store bought, busy me



Tips and hints: How to butterfly a chicken

I butterflied my first chicken on the weekend - and my, oh, my, it was an experience! I definitely need more practice (and a new pair of sharper cooking shears!). I spent the whole time apologising to the chicken as I felt so disrespectful hacking away at it.

However, in my search of how to do it I did find a great video that explained everything. I only watched it the once and I was on my "merry" way.

Here's the video: How to butterfly a chicken



Chocolate mousse, Raspberry white chocolate mousse - Steph's KitchenRecipe: Chocolate Mousse

I entertained for the first time in a very long time on Saturday night. When I asked about what people would like for dessert, giving them a few options, everyone picked chocolate mousse!

So I set off to make it for the first time, and it was much easier than I thought! I actually split the recipe in half and made raspberry, white chocolate as well (for me, that was my favourite).And the best part was everyone LOVED it.

Try the recipe for yourself: Chocolate Mousse in Minutes

Steph xo

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