Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Turkey Cranberry Melts

Turkey cranberry melts on turkish bread
These are great for lunches -
just throw them in the sandwich press and you're done!

The last time I did a survey on facebook there was a tie between mid-week meals with mince (which I popped up my beef pastie recipe for) and lunch ideas. So this week I thought I'd bring you Turkey Cranberry Melts - which is an easy lunch idea that will taste just as good as if you grabbed it at your local cafe.

This is also great for sneaking in an extra vegetable into your families diet ;)


Turkey cranberry melts

Makes 4

On your next shopping list grab:

50g of baby spinach
150g of shaved turkey breast
4 slices of your choice of cheese - swiss is amazing with this just as an hint!
1 turkish bread
Cranberry sauce

Simply cut the turkish bread in half and spread as much mayo as you would like on the bottom. Arrange the baby spinach on top of the mayo, followed by your turkey breast and cheese. Next spread some cranberry sauce on the top half of the turkish bread. Add your two halves together and cut your turkish bread into three or four depending on the length of the bread (and how big you would like your lunch!)

You can also mix this up with a little bit of ham or bacon, and other salad items - pretty much make it what YOU want to eat! You can also mix it up with chicken and avo (just take out the cranberry of course).

Once lunch time comes around simply zap the melt in the mircrowave for around 40 secs before finishing it off in the sandwich press. You don't have to use the microwave but I just find that this way the spinach cooks a little better, and you don't have to have it in the press as long as well - leaving you with more a soft melt than a really, really toasty one.

Steph xo

P.S. Just had this for lunch today - awesome.

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